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Craigforth report (Official SPSO research project)

The Scottish Health Council and Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) commissioned Craigforth
Consultants to perform research into the experience and attitudes of NHS complainants since April
2005. The Craigforth report was issued in December 2006.

The results of the Craigforth research were:


6.38 Very few respondents were satisfied with the SPSO outcome. The majority - almost 3 in 5
- were dissatisfied (59%) with over half being very dissatisfied (52%). Only around 1 in 7 (15%)
expressed any level of satisfaction with the outcome.

6.41 Some interviewees who made use of the NHS complaints procedure (sometimes
repeatedly) in an attempt to access diagnosis and/or treatment became very frustrated at the
SPSO's perceived inability or disinclination to take action in their case For these
complainants the SPSO was considered to be yet another agency which did not listen to them
and let them down:

"They called me up to ask why I was complaining and said I'd made complaints before, as if I
was a nuisance."

6.55 However there is evidence that some complainants are not necessarily clear whether
SPSO involvement is ongoing or closed.


The full report can be found on the
Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) Web site by clicking
on this link  or alternatively the SPSO research reports can be downloaded here:

Craigforth research report "experience and attitudes in relation to NHS complaints" December 2006.

2. SPSO's summary of the Craigforth report

The Craigforth report can also be found on the Scottish Health Council web site (link)  and a word copy
of the report can be downloaded
here (link)

The SPSO have now performed a 2007 customer (DIS) Satisfaction survey which confirms the results of
the Craigforth survey. The SPSO's 2007 customer satisfaction survey can be viewed at the
SPSO 2007
survey web page (link).
Only 15% of
complainants satisfied
with SPSO outcome
52% of complainants
very dissatisfied with
SPSO outcome
Craigforth Report on NHS Complainants experience of the SPSO